I respect kindness, love, nature, and life; beauty and originality where I am able to find them, but also the mysterious, puzzling unknown of this universe which overwhelms me at times.

Humans are strange creatures really… I respect people who respect themselves.
Be generous, help others who are less fortunate than you; people in need; be it need of food, warmth, shelter, love, help, or such; anything one can do or give to alleviate the pain, suffering or distress of others in this world! Join a cause, donate what you can, become a sponsor for an orphaned kid, give to the homeless, help your neighbour, anything! Just do it today, and one step at a time this world might well become a better place indeed! We can ALL do something!

For my family, I love you guys! Thank you for the help, spiritual support, patience and understanding!

For my wife Parisa, and my adorable little angels Jessica and Katelyn, I love you with all my heart! Thank you for putting up with your grumpy old dad!

For my exes, thank you for making me grow, showing me both good and hard times, and sharing a part of your lives with me.

For Susan Farrell, thanks for the time, support and dedication you give to graffiti on the net; we owe you alot!

  • HOAX Rest In Paradise – Thank you for your life my brother! Rest easy ❤
  • COSE Rest In Peace! I will never forget you and the times we had together my friend!
  • Little Noma!! Rest in paradise! Why didn’t u say anything?
  • DARE Rest In Peace!
  • SEMZ Rest In Peace!
  • NACE Rest In Peace!
  • TIE Rest In Peace!

KCW still alive! A big respect, and thanks goes out to DEZIO, EPOXIE, and DR.SEXO for keeping it real and not flipping their jackets!

  • It is NEVER ok to snitch! Be it dry snitching, or plain acting stupid with it! Fuck snitching, fuck ass kissing toys, and fuck internet beef! You know who you are.

MTN Spain and OTR Germany for supplying the best product on the block, by far! No fucking competition.


  • Ed Banger records! Thank you for producing kick ass tracks giving me inspiration and power.
  • 7th Letter! Rocking shit, killing it. Always on point! Best in the game, hands down.

STRASBOURG: For all those that can keep it real and not flip over when all hell breaks loose and the world crumbles around you! You deserve my respect.
NORWAY: Through ups and downs, I stay true; thank you for giving me the opportunities to expand and live a life of plenty!
THAILAND: My refuge, beautiful relaxing paradise and second home; hope to see you again soon!

Those whom I have forgotten will know my memory is a bit shot!
Always keep your eyes on the goal! The horizon is where it all is, keep chasing your dreams!… Nothing is impossible; love is happiness, peace and serenity, always.

Stay real , stay up, and respect life!

Timmy Tarerizm
KCW . SCH . Trümilk