Ok, so I received a nice care-package from my man CISPEO the other day, and figured I would post a few scans here. Really miss the days of photo swapping… Read More →

Random Archive Mashup

Here it is, the ultimate barrel-scrape, the last of the last; cherished memories, good times, good friends, live, travels, and epic Strasbourg times. All in a random mashup of an… Read More →

RIME Trading Archive

Archive Special – RIME trading flics – (2000-2002) Yes! 140 photos, done at last. Back in the days of trading flics, Rime and I kept a brief correspondence up; it… Read More →


Aaaaah Thailand! Bangkok. Such an amazing lively and awesome city! Good people, great food, fun times… Really just can’t get enough of it! See you again soon! :)