Now I could go on for hours writing about my friend Rime, but I will spare you the bore. To put things shortly, Rime is an alien; such talent, power, and realness makes him simply out of this world. Ambivalent to the extreme and one who’s heart is of gold, I greatly admire his character, devotion, skill and craftiness; a true, immensely talented artist and a very strong influence on past, present, and future worldwide graffiti scenes.
This interview is also very much out-dated but represents a period of my life that I will gladly make live on through this new website, in hopes that Rime will give me some time for an update and new flics. In the meantime, here it is.

– Crews

– City

– Country
Rich republican’s America

– Email

– Webpage

– How long have you been painting?
10+ years.

– What kind of music do you like sketching/painting to?
Any and every… different types of music set moods as well as a pace to get busy on. I really HATE new school rap, and American country music. (they do not strike a chord for me)

– What are your three favorite movies of all time?
1) Wizard Of Oz
2) Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein
3) The Toy, with Richard Pryor

– Apart from writing, what are your other interests/hobbies in life?
Thinking, hating, & living around you.

– When and why did you get into graffiti?
For no reason other than to impress a bunch of older kids in my neighborhood writing at the time. The way graffiti is, the art, the destruction, the lifestyle, it fits me like a glove, and I practically put everything else on halt in my life to devote more time to this THING. I was so hooked on this shit I lost almost all of my social skills (with people outside of graffiti), nothing else was of interest to me. My game with ladies slowly got more petty and more desperate. I could not act like I was interested in what any girls had to say. At this point chicks seemed shallow and were just as good as a hole for your disposal. The ladies weren’t feelin’ my blunt uninterested behavior, so I lost it for a while. I hate graffit for all of myself that I lost to it. To me my “Graffiti” has my soul trapped inside of it. That’s why (at least in my opinion my shit is a bit interesting). Now I am starting to grow past this and recognize the many times I’ve fucked things up. I am slowly getting my life back….. I have a girl now and I think I’m a lot calmer than I used to be! Before I wanted to blow up the world due to sexual frustration, now I just don’t give a fuck.

– What influences your style the most? (Definition of your style…?)
Sometimes I’ll take a flick of a piece of graffiti and stare at it for hours. I look and look and break down each and every possibility that the subject may have… Sometimes when I sit alone or while outdoors by myself I stare into space with a blank expression (like I’m on medication) and I swear I can see molecules. I’m a bit nuts :) I think -discovery is finding the obvious- that is frequently overlooked, repeating and adding until you are done and ready for someone else to pick up——> I’m motivated by anger, hate, doubt, & you! I love graffiti! I hate graffiti! I love to hate graffiti! I’ve had enough graffiti talk!

– What is your motivation in painting? What will the future hold for graffiti?
I’ve analized lettering placement , flow, and structure for some time now and can have an eight hour conversation with anyone about this. I believe in self motivation which promotes innovative ideas…There is always an outside reference, but it’s up to you “buddy” to STAND OUT from the 75 other guys jumping on the flavor of the month…. make it wack if u have to, as long as it stands out!

I TRY NOT TO BELIEVE MY OWN HYPE!!! That is hard when this is all you give out. I am unemployed…

– Your prefer…
Doing illegal shit.

– Who are you down with and which writers do you paint with?
Any and every.

– In your opinion, what are the true important elements to remember in graffiti? (What “mental” or “spiritual” standards do you set for yourself? if any…)
Do not let others intimidate you. You will get only as good as you allow yourself to be. Do the opposite of what everyone says… The most important thing in life is balance.

– Any special shoutouts or hellos?
Hello to the air that I take for granted every day, peace to the many “animals” that we rule. Too bad that we cannot contrlol ourselves. Well, I guess that’s what makes it fun! OH, and fuck you :)

– Any additional comments on my website, style, or approach to graffiti?
Every holiday has another fictional character moving in on its parade; that’s foul… Santa Claus, Jesus, The Easter Bunny…

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