* Rest in peace!!
I can’t believe Semz has left us…! It seems like yesterday we were all hanging out in NY, drinking forties, taking trips to Staten Island and Jersey to paint some weird spots; wow. Such a special, nice and sensitive person; a wonderful, talented artist and musician. I wish I had had the opportunity to talk more, and get to better know Semz before he passed away. Always too late.
Here is the interview I conducted with him back in 2000, and a few random flics of his extensive and daring work.

– What do you write?

– Crews

– City
The Lost

– Webpage

– How long have you been painting?
7+ years

– What kind of music do you like sketching/painting to?
Hip Hop dont stop. I mostly jam out to folk rock and other sorts of faggy shit.
Otherwise I really enjoy the WU TANG CLAN. I like to rock out when I paint, dress
in a chicken suit and do the SNAKE DANCE.

– What are your three favorite movies of all time?
1) Basquiat
2) Rocky
3) Beat Street

– Apart from writing, what are your other interests/hobbies in life?
Jamming on the guitar. I love to sketch fat sweaty women in the upon roming the
lost city streets and laying farts all over (aka)blazing marker tags. 1985

– When and why did you get into graffiti?
About 1984 in the third grade, I started sketching outlines in class to keep myself occupied. Graffiti made me feel like I had a place in life. I felt the importance any human being should feel! 1985, in the third grade seeing RAON REVEL blocks on the park walls while going fishing. I would zone out in class and practice his name repeatedly until I got it down pact. My other main influence was riding through BROOKLYLN seeing many old school blockbusters blaze.180

– What influences your style the most? (Definition of your style…?)
2 things in this world influence my style: that is pure New York raw graff, and
RIME! Hardcore 1980’s graffiti and all my true graff partners who keep it real.

– What is your motivation in painting? What will the future hold for graffiti?
Seeing alot of other people bombing and going out for their’s either makes me
super jealous or it motivates me to go out and tear up the city streets. My motivation
in painting is seeing new graff blaze the streets of NYC. Seeing my friends bomb
up new ill spots like fire escapes, scaffoldings, BRIDGES (HA HA HA). Basically
my best known partners motivate me to paint.

– You prefer…
Bombing and illegal walls

– Who are you down with and which writers do you paint with?
KCW, the illest and freshest crew in America! I paint with SAG, SETUP, RIME, TOPER,

– In your opinion, what are the true important elements to remember in graffiti?
(What “mental” or “spiritual” standards do you set for yourself? if any…)
To me bombing is most important, and when bombing you always must remain mentally
calm and stable. You must believe that you own anything and everything around
you. The thing or person that can harm you is yourself, remember fear is only
in the head! Bombing is most important to me. When bombing you have to be totally
focused on your subject or space. The boundaries are limited. Any or every available
space is yours if you have the heart to lay a fart on it. Remember, being mentally
and physically calm is to your best advantage.

– Any special shoutouts or hellos?
MMMMAAAAAAAAAAD shoutouts to TARE and SETUP KCWARRIORS. Keep farting. yo

– Any additional comments on my website, style, or approach to graffiti?
You’re doing a good thing, keep doing it!