A Day in Skien

Ok so a while back I took a day-trip to Skien, Norway to paint with my boy ACHOE.
I decided beforehand that I would make a little Tarestyles video, blog, and report of the day, so expectations were high and the gear was ready.
After a couple hours in the car I arrived in Skien and we got down to business; rollered the wall, set out space, distributed colors, and prepared the video equipment.

I approached the first wall (the main grey-orange one) with a new sketching process, where I basically make 4 diamond shaped trace-ups to represent the 4 letters of my name, and then work out the details from there. This is a process which I wish to explore and push further as it results in interesting and generaly more balanced results (something which I need to work on, especially individual letter’s weight) It all dates back to what AROE told me once about how he often approached graffiti by using geometry, different shapes and patterns… It makes sense, and is actually really fun to play around with.
While I was painting the main wall, I branched off to use up some Hardcore cans on a near-by wall; freestyled a quick piece and got busy with it…
I don’t get out to paint as often as I would wish to (work, family, business etc etc) so once I am out I like to do as much painting as possible; consequently I also freestyled up a third piece, which I must say nearly destroyed my back (well, yes, I’m not quite as young and in good shape as I used to be…)
All in all it was a very fun, yet kind of hard day; but in my mind definitely worth it! :)
A big thanks to ACHOE for making this day in Skien happen!