Bangkok Boogie 2009

So yea, been sitting on some footage from one of my trips to Thailand (2009), and figured it was way past due time to make something out of it.
As always, it was alot of work (but oh so fun!) trying to make things look good in Premiere and also figuring out how to blur faces in After Effects. Learned a bunch making this video but I feel I am still just lightly scratching the surface of video editing with this project.

This movie clip-set features 100% live footage of my main man SHOCK.REA.PMT doing his thing on the streets of Bangkok, but also footage of one of BKK’s most notorious and allcity writers, KIMES.PMT.TC. None of this is legal, but as those of you whom have been to Bangkok know, one can get away with alot as long as one goes about it right. The final scenes are from a very sweet spot on the BTS (Skytrain) line/station which as far as I know is still up today. Massive props to SHOCK for making it happen!

Music clips are from artists Company Flow, Cannibal OX, NWA, and FakeBlood. Copyright to the respective artists for full tracks.

Hope you enjoy the show and feel free to get in touch with me on or leave comments, rate etc… well you know the deal.

Timmy Tare