Summer Session 2001

7th of July 2001

The Rising Suns’ annual event was held as usual on the french-german border. Despite
the bad weather and stress, the event had an overall positive vibe. Nevertheless,
I must say that the summer sessions are becoming more and more commercial and
political every year; no real unity is felt within the core of the Rising Suns,
and there is a definite stench arising; downfall? I feel so. A downfall and failing
of what once was an ambitious and exciting venture. Just like the East Side Tribe
crew upon which the Rising Suns were built, the rotting filth is still present
within the walls of the kingdom! I think you get my meaning!
Summer Session 4 will be greatly anticipated as a new graffiti organizer has been
designated; Eric will indeed have a delicate task in so much as we are all expecting
a great deal from this skillful individual. In hope that the next chapter of the
summer sessions will be a true and honest gathering, enthralled with the essence
of Hip-Hop itself: unity, style, and balance!
Peace, and always keep it real!

BOMBER | Frankfurt
FOE | Bordeaux
ROSY | Suisse
MONE, ERIC, TARE and TAPE | Strasbourg
PYSTE & ZHYNE | Strasbourg
KACAO 77 | Berlin
KENT | Frankfurt
DISKO | Heidelberg
BATES | Copenhagen
ATOM | Dortmund
RUDI | Heidelberg