Summer Session 2005

22nd till the 26th of June 2005: Kehl/Strasbourg

This year the festival took place over 5 days, with expos, movie showings, concerts, parties, and graffiti events. It was a bold project but the Rising Suns pulled it off and the result was an over-all quite satisfactory and enjoyable event. I will only comment on the graffiti, which was a nice mix of styles from around Europe, only maybe lacking some overseas flavour such as we had experienced in previous editions. The graffiti event of the 26th took place in the same location as in 2002 (Summer Session 4) but with noticeably alot less graff area being painted. The organization of the walls seemed a bit hectic and the painting took a slow start. The artists pulled through very nicely though, and here are the results of that day. Enjoy, and see you next year I hope!