TARESTYLES Vol.1 – Part 3

Ok! So I found the master K7 of the movie I made back in 2002 named TARESTYLES Vol.1 (yea original I know…) and figured I would put it out on the web.
Vol.1 I guess I was planning several movies at the time…? God knows. Anyway, its all old material, its badly put together, it basically sucks ass :) BUT well its a part of my life, part of my first days adapting and moving to Norway; that means something to me.
So here we go, part 1 dudes and dudettes! Enjoy!

Brussels Expedition, Brussels, Belgium 2002
Drammen Hall Of Fame 2002
Birdy Nam Nam i Oslo 2002
Credits and thanks etc…

PS: this was released in 100 copies on VHS in 2002 (I think)